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Also referred to as variety packing | rainbow packing | co-packing.


Combo Packing is taking two different packages and combining them into one. Combo packing is for businesses who have all their products but don’t have the resources to make variety packages on their own. 


An example of a combo pack can be: 

  • 30 Flavors

  • Make a 12 pack with four different flavors

  • We ship to your retailers


We can also make 24 & 48 packs. We can make packs as small as two items to 100 different items.


Valhalla Packaging and Distribution Ltd. will work within your schedule as much as possible and will ensure a swift delivery to your chosen retailer. With Valhalla Packaging and Distribution Ltd., we will ease the demands of your supply chain and leave you with a peace of mind that your products are receiving the best care Western Canada has to offer.

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